Deborah Nancy Sage

The Magical Illumination of Tarot

Discover the Magic of Tarot through a one-to-one personalised confidential reading.

Open your mind to new perspectives, ideas, and inspiration.

Open your heart to empowerment and love.

Tarot readings provide a magical bridge between your everyday self and your higher universal wisdom.

Tarot speaks to you in ways that you can understand at a deep and sometimes sub-conscious level.


The cards tell a story that’s unique to you and your situation, and your specific question.

Tarot offers you a connection to the Divine, providing you with the gift of clarity and direction.


If a particular card, or cards in the spread feel challenging to you, what I love to do at that moment, is to use Tapping/EFT to explore the challenge with you.

So however the cards are speaking to you, it will always be a positive, empowering and uplifting experience.

Contact me for a free consultation where you will get a chance to talk about your particular issues and I will offer you a one-card reading, before you decide how to move forward.

At the end of a free consultation with me, you will have immense clarity about your next steps.