Deborah Nancy Sage

Unlock the Secrets of your Chakras

The Chakras are a system of energy centres located between the base of your spine and the top of your head.  When they are aligned and balanced. energy flows freely through them. When they are blocked, and the energy flow is disrupted, this causes real time disruption on an emotional and physical level.

For example, when the third chakra is blocked, this leads to inaction, indecision and procrastination, and sometimes a physical sense of tightness in the chest.

The Chakra system helps us identify underlying issues.

The ones that hold us back. 

The ones that stop us from achieving our dreams.

  • Combining Chakra Wisdom with EFT/Tapping produces effective and lasting results:
  • By:
  • Focusing on the specific issue ~
  • Clearing your energy system and nervous system of blocks, restrictions and glitches ~
  • Allowing your energy to flow freely ~
  • Calming and strengthening your nervous system ~
  • Helping you feel energised and inspired.
  • Making you feel resourceful and powerful.
  • Becoming unstoppable!

How does the world appear when your Chakra are workiing against you?

  • Unsafe?
  • Unfair?
  • Overwhelming?
  • Cruel?
  • Like it’s not listening?
  • As though life has no meaniing?
  • Does the world feel chaotic?

How does it feel when your Chakra are blocked?

  • Like you’re not good enough?
  • It’s a struggle to put your needs first?
  • No confidence?
  • Endless procrastination?
  • That you’re unloveable?
  • Unable to express yourself?
  • Do you feel lonely? All at sea?

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