Deborah Nancy Sage


The Art of Tapping

Tapping is a scientifically proven method that quickly and effectively calms the nervous system.

Tapping rapidly brings down the stress response.


When you feel stressed, cortisol and adrenaline flood your system and you go into high alert.

It’s now been proven under scientifically-controlled conditions that Tapping drastically reduces the amount of cortisol and adrenaline in your system, allowing you to access clarity and resourcefulness.

Tapping quickly and effectively calms the nervous system and controls stress...

So what does this really mean in practice?

Say for example, you’re trying to get your business up and running and marketing experts suggest that you need to make some promotional videos, explaining who you are and what you do, which you can then post on social media.
But every time you think of doing this, you have a sense of rising panic.


The thought of stepping into the spotlight feels scary.

You know you will feel scrutinised and believe you will be judged negatively.

So rather than put yourself through all that potential pain, you avoid doing the thing that deep down you know would be good for business.


Then you feel stuck. 

There’s a block in the road.

Uncertainty sets in, and you may even sabotage your project.

Tapping will both honour and address your feelings of stuckness and scaredness.


Tapping will clear away those fears that are zinging round your nervous system, leaving you feeling resourceful, resilient, excited and ready to go!


Getting your spiritual business going will always present you with a series of challenges…

… and sometimes they come real fast!


You have to do things that you’ve never done before... and you have to do things that leave you feeling exposed, uncertain, and well out of your comfort zone.

It’s hard… Really hard.


On top of that, you have a harsh inner critic that’s always talking you down.

This is the voice in your head that blames you, criticises you and judges you when things don’t go to plan.

When this happens, the energy you should be putting into your business gets diverted into internal conflict.


That’s where Tapping comes in.

Giving voice to all your negative feelings and inhibiting beliefs
while Tapping on key Acupuncture points; resets the nervous system. It creates new patterns.

 It’s a transformative experience!


You gain the emotional freedom to become the person you need to be to build your beautiful, thriving, spiritual business.


You start to trust yourself more, you have the confidence to take bold and inspired action, and you’re also able to negotiate the inevitable bumps in the road with new strength and resilience.



You make the breakthrough that you’ve been dreaming of!


Believing in yourself 100% , and trusting your ability to manifest your beautiful, thriving, spiritual business!

Tapping helps you negotiate all the trials and tribulations of starting a business.  It carries you through the pitfalls, the uncertainties and the secret doubts.

Until you’re ready to thrive!

Make the Breakthrough

I show budding spiritual entrepreneurs, who are deeply talented, and committed to their gifts, but who lack confidence and self-belief ~ how to build the beautiful, thriving, spiritual business they dream of and that will feel truly fulfilling.