Deborah Nancy Sage

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Let me help you build your dream spiritual biz. Superwoman is here.

I come to the aid of spiritual entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft but struggle with self-doubt and insecurity. If you’re seeking to manifest a soulful and prosperous business, I can guide you through the process of creating the fulfilling and beautiful enterprise that you dream of.

There are two primary aspects to building a thriving spiritual business.

And the easiest way to explain this, is the idea of having two buckets.
The outside bucket, and the inside bucket.


The outside bucket has things like qualifications, certificates, a website, a social media presence, an office or a therapy room, logos, flyers, branding, marketing skills… All that stuff.

The outside stuff.


The inside bucket contains things like confidence, self belief, a willingness to shine, resilience, decisiveness…

…and things like that.

The biggest problem that I’ve seen over the years watching and helping people build a spiritual business, is what’s in the inside bucket.


Too often, there’s a lack.

A lack of confidence, a lack of self belief...
And an ability to self-sabotage at crucial moments...

Does that sound familiar?

Also in the inside bucket there can be a very harsh critic… The same one that’s inside your head. Telling you that you’re not really good enough … that you don’t have that much to offer … and that what you do have to offer is of no real value.


There’s also uncertainty, procrastination... and quite often there’s a feeling of being all alone.

Isolated and unsupported.


So what happens way too often is that a business fails to thrive because of what’s going on in the inside bucket.


We tell ourselves it’s about our branding or the colours on our website, or our style of writing or the number of followers we have on social media…



But in truth, all of that pales into insignificance in the face of your own self-doubt, your own secret fears, and the relentless, harsh, negative voice that keeps telling you’re not good enough.

That’s why I’ve created a program especially for people like you, to show you how to overcome those fears, banish self-doubt … and become unstoppable! 


Because I know how hard it is on your own.

I get it… I get it because I listened to my harsh inner critic for years…

I knew that I had particular talents, powerful skills and unique gifts and intuition to offer, but deep down insideI was quaking with fear.


I didn’t think I was worth it and I didn’t think I was good enough.

So that’s why I’m passionate about this.


I’m here to provide the stepping stones from that place of self-doubt to that place of entrepreneurial fulfillment, when you build your thriving, spiritual business.



So here’s my question to you…


Are you someone who wants to make a difference?


The world needs spiritual, gifted, intuitive, sensitive people to show up fully… to step up and share their gifts…

The world needs you more than ever….

Let me hold your hand... .don't give up on yourself ...